Six perfectly indulgent ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day today.

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Tomorrow, loved-up couples around the world will be exchanging gifts and PDAing all over the place (or perhaps ignoring the whole Valentine’s Day thing altogether).

But there’s another, far superior day we should be celebrating. It’s about the bond of friendship, it’s about fun times with girlfriends, and it just happens to be… today.

Yep, I’m talking about Galentine’s Day. Invented by the fabulous Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) of Parks and Recreation in 2010, Galentine’s Day falls on February 13 and is the “best day of the year” — at least, according to its fictional creator.

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If you're in need of ideas on how to make the most of this fun-filled occasion, don't worry — we've got you covered. No red roses required.

1. Enjoy the chickiest of chick flick marathons.

No matter how many times your past or current beaus have claimed they love you, we're betting they've never been willing to endure a 10-hour BBC Pride and Prejudice marathon with you, have they? (If the answer to that was 'yes', we hope you've held onto them.)

Now is the time to invite your girlfriends over for a marathon of your favourite female-oriented TV series. Or if you feel like getting a healthy dose of fun female empowerment, try this movie list on for size: start with 9 to 5, watch Bend it Like Beckham, sneak in Thelma and Louise and, if you have time, or really want to see a woman kick some ass, watch Kill Bill volumes I and II.

Tired of chick flicks? Try some Kill Bill instead. (Image via Miramax)

2. Go on a picnic.

You love picnics - yet how many times have you enjoyed this supposedly romantic activity with a man? Probably not as often as you'd like. You know who also loves picnics? Your girlfriends, most likely.


Pack the cheese, crackers, dips and whatever fancy antipasto extras you like into a basket, along with a picnic rug and a bottle of your favourite bubbles. Then head to a beautiful spot to watch the summer sun set with your nearest and dearest.

Need some help making friends as an adult? Listen to these tips from The Well. (Post continues after audio.)

3. Go to Sephora and browse like nobody's business.

Here's a nice one to sneak in before you head home from work this evening: stop off at Sephora, or your favourite store, and meet your friends for a browsing session. No purchasing required.

While some other women are awkwardly trying on uncomfortable lingerie that their Valentines might fail to even acknowledge, you'll be trying on a new shade of lipstick and getting feedback from your closest friends.


You can help one other find a brilliant new outfit or a killer highlighter... or just have fun trying stuff on and walk out of the store empty-handed. Your girlfriends won't be annoyed you spent ALL THAT TIME shopping only to leave with nothing. We promise.

4. Eat a feast.

Tonight is the night to go for the big dinner at your favourite restaurant or try out a degustation menu at the fancy-pants place you've been eyeing off.

There's no first date to impress, there's no one to feel self-conscious around, and there's no need to try to keep from being so full you can't enjoy certain bedroom activities later (spare a thought for the couples dining out tomorrow night).

Another incentive: reservations won't be as necessary as they will on Valentine's Day, and there'll no annoying eye-wateringly overpriced "special" menus to worry about.

Finally enjoy a delicious picnic. (Image: iStock.)

5. Cocktail hour.

Yes, it's Monday and yes, most of us do have to work tomorrow - but that's no excuse not to enjoy a sneaky martini or two with your girlfriends.

Trying to save some coin? Invite some friends over instead and have a cocktail night of your own, with each pal bringing supplies to make one drink and one type of finger food. Perfect.

Leslie Knope would be giving you a big fat thumbs up right now. (Image via NBC)

6. Gorge on popcorn at the cinemas.

Tomorrow, cinemas nationwide will likely be packed with smooching couples. You'd be best to avoid it if you want to prevent your lunch from making its way up your oesophagus and into your mouth. (Sorry, too graphic?)

Get to the cinemas today with your mates and see one of the fabulous movie offerings out in theatres now. Catch Lion if you haven't already, and weep together at this heart-warming story of man's quest to find his family.

Catch this amazing film while you can.(Image via The Weinstein Company.)

If you havenn't seen La La Land yet, go and swoon over Ryan Gosling. (There's also nothing stopping you from doing this if you've already seen the movie.) You could also try not to get too awkwardly turned on while watching Fifty Shades Darker.

Yes, both plots centre around a love story, but they are also films most women struggle to drag their boyfriends to. Celebrate the fact that you can watch it with your girlfriends — no promises of sexual favours required.

How will you celebrate Galentine's Day?


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