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This is what a ‘frank breech birth’ looks like, in 12 awe-inspiring photographs.

A pregnant woman's sleeping position can impact risk of stillbirth, study finds.

A pregnant woman's sleeping position can...

Childbirth is incredible. From enduring nine months of discomfort, embracing the ups and downs of delivering in all its glory, to the euphoric feeling of seeing the rise and fall of your newborn’s chest as they take their first breath in the real world, nothing can quite describe the power of childbirth.

Capturing these beautiful moments through a lens creates mesmerising images, and it’s all in a day’s work for Kate Kennedy. Her most recent venture into the wonder of birth, was documenting a successful vaginal breech birth.

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Her muse, Mel, had an uneventful pregnancy, with soon-to-be Zoe growing healthily, as stated on Kennedy’s blog. It was only when the final weeks of her pregnancy approached that it was discovered Mel’s baby was in a frank breech position. Yes, that means bottom first.

With 30 minutes of pushing and after 41 weeks of physical hurdles and emotional turmoil, Mel gracefully gave birth without being induced or anyone touching the baby throughout the process (a recommendation for vaginal breech births).

The photos of little Zoe’s arrival are unbelievably beautiful, and only reiterates the strength and beauty childbirth represents.

You can look at every incredible photograph below.

Is there anything women can’t do?

Kate Kennedy is a mum of five from New South Wales capturing the amazing nature of childbirth. Find Kate or more photos at her website, Instagram or Facebook.


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