Mamamia is always looking for interesting thought-provoking, well-written posts to share with our network of almost one million readers.

If you want you write for Mamamia, here is what you need to know:

Understand that we get pitched a lot of guest posts and as much as we would love to, we are not able to use everything we receive.

Guests posts must be relevant and applicable to Mamamia readers, so focus on issues or events or stories that will be interesting to Australian women aged between 18 and 50.

Recognise that sometimes we have to decline posts because of their content or quality and sometimes because we have too many posts on a specific topic.

Note that this is professional website, which means your work will go through an editing process and may be published in a slightly amended format. This includes headlines and copy.

When submitting a post, please provide the following:

Any relevant links, citations ad images (including photos of the people who are being described in your story, where appropriate).

A biography of 2-3 sentences and a high-resolution headshot of the author (unless you are submitting anonymously, if this is the case please make that clear in your submission).

The text of the post should be copied in the body of the email AND attached in a word document. Please aim to keep posts between 600-1000 words.

Rules regarding payment for written work:

Mamamia provides payment of $50AU for original work. This means the work cannot have been previously published elsewhere, including on your blog. (You may of course submit a post from your blog but note that payment will not be provided).

While we love to publish quality work that has been written to promote a cause (such as a charitable event or petition) or a product (such as an author’s book release or artist’s tour dates), Mamamia does not provide payment for this work.

Mamamia does not pay for the publication of Group Therapy mails.

If you are not seeking payment for your work, please note this in your correspondence.

Advertising inquiries:

Mamamia does not accept contributor posts that simply advertise or promote a product or brand. If that is where your interest lies, then we’d love to talk to you but as part of a separate commercial agreement. You can contact us on [email protected].

Please send submissions through to: [email protected].

Unfortunately due to the high volume of submissions we receive, only applicants with successful submissions will be contacted.