‘Confetti hair’ is the happiest colour trend we’ve ever laid eyes on.

WARNING: Reports of spike in missing hairbands across Australia.

WARNING: Reports of spike in missing...

If further evidence were needed blondes really do have more fun, a quick peek at the Blondies of Melbourne Instagram account would surely convince you.

The team at the popular Melbourne hair salon specialises in unique colour looks for clients who want to brighten up a tad — you might remember “rainbow roots” which swept social media earlier this year.

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Blondies’ co-founder Karen chatted to us with the salon’s latest innovative colouring trick that results in a slightly softer look: “confetti hair”.

Here’s what you need to know.

Introducing "confetti hair". Source: Supplied

What was the inspiration for confetti hair?

"I wanted to create something unique, soft and feminine but most importantly, fun!"

How do you create the look?

"On pre-lightened blonde hair we took fine slices of hair and stamped thin lines in alternating colours and alternating angles to create a buzzing spotty effect."

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Who is it a good option for?

"If you are bored with your plain blonde or simply wanting a temporary change, Confetti Hair is a great fun option. You can work with any colour palette — candy coloured pastels for a more subtle effect or bright fashion colours for a bold look. Even some earthy nude Confetti patterns would look great for a more conservative version.

"It can give interest and dimension to a flat blonde, sweeping in different directions will expose changing confetti patterns." (Post continues after gallery.)

How long would you expect it to last before a top-up is needed?

"As with all colours, the more frequently they are washed the faster they will fade. We recommend washing in cooler water with professional salon quality products to prolong the colour."

Blondies Of Melbourne is a teeny tiny intimate appointment-only studio specialising in colour, colour correction & all other hair services. For more info you can visit them on Instagram and Facebook, or email them at: [email protected]

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