The one big benefit of being an overthinker.

Fellow overthinkers, I have some good news.

Even though overthinking can be exhausting, stressful and overwhelming at times, there is also a major benefit to having too many brain tabs open.

Apparently us overthinkers are creative geniuses.

A new opinion paper called Trends in Cognitive Science has found that overthinking could be connected to creativity. (We wrote about being an overthinker here.)

You have some powers.

Basically the paper showed that people who overthink things, scored higher in the neurotic department - a department that can be linked to problem-solving.

People with high neuroticism have the potential to be more creative. Why? Because they're more likely to daydream, and daydreaming is linked to creative discoveries, Adam Perkins, a lecturer in the neurobiology of personality at King's College London told

"Imagine there is someone who is daydreaming a lot and has a lot of inner thoughts. If those inner thoughts are about a particular problem [that person is] going to be coming up with [creative] solutions to particular problems," Perkins told the site.

Daydreaming means creativity.

Creative thinking comes from a part of the brain that works when you aren't focusing on the outside world. So when you're daydreaming, or really in your head with ALL your thoughts you start to use more imagination. And this imagination leads to a lot of unique ideas.

"Self-generated thought can be an important ingredient for creative thought," Steven Smith, a psychology professor at Texas A&M University, told

So while overthinking can cause a lot of stress and exhaustion, there's a positive aspect to having too many tabs open all the time.

Us overthinkers are creative. Probably creative geniuses. So go forth my fellow overthinkers and create greatness (just don't overthink it).

What do you overthink about?


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