The viral BBC interview has happened again. With one very important difference.

Video via Jono and Ben

The viral video of BBC interviewee Professor Robert Kelly being interrupted by his children during a live broadcast has undergone a multitasking makeover.

Comedy duo Jono and Ben recreated the video with a woman not just addressing her interrupting children but performing a few other tasks, too.

Simple things like: preparing a meal, finding missing socks and defusing a bomb. You know, the usual.

The parody comes days after the globally loved video sparked thousands of conversations around the racist presumption that his wife was hired help.

Even news outlets reporting on the story initially referred to Professor Kelly’s wife as the “nanny”, according to the Guardian.

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Other parodies of the video have emerged but none seem to have hit that sweet spot of comedy like Jono and Ben’s offerings.

There’s one where the interrupting children steal the show in more ways than one; and there’s even one hosted by the dark lord.

(If you missed it, here’s the original video.)

Jono and Ben’s video has been well-received, with over 2.3 million views since it was posted but not every viewer has been a fan.

Some viewers have complained the video is sexist, viewing it as implying women are more capable of multi-tasking than men.

One Facebook commenter wrote:

“Imagine if the original situation had been a woman and then you made this video with a man. You’d all be screaming sexism. Just a prime example of sexism being socially acceptable if it’s men shown in a bad light.”

An image from the updated version. (Source: BBC.)

Another commenter then replied to this poster with:

"Poor men. ALL these years discriminated by those devious women. No, wait."

Whether you enjoy the skit is up to you but it's important to remember that it's more a piece of satire than an over-arching political statement.

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