Meet the 70-year-old baronet who’s “interviewing” for a new young wife.

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He’s 70. He owns two homes; one of them is Maunsel House, a 13th-century manor in Somerset, England. He is desperate for an heir.

And he’s “interviewing” for a new wife…

“I am interviewing hard. I have had a few proposals, but sometimes the women are past their sell-by date and have been over the guns a few times,” Sir Benjamin Slade told The Daily Mail.


Yes, he is a ‘sir’. He is a descendant from King Charles II, King Henry I and King Geroge IV.

Yes, the manor comes with 100 acres of sprawling lawn with duck ponds, ponies, holiday cottages, lodges, possibly unicorns, definitely a band of Merry Men.

And no, he’s not joking. “She is 50, so too old to have children,” he said of of one of his ex-girlfriends, businesswoman Bridget Convey.


He wants someone “fit” and down to party. “I have two castles. I am like a feudal prince when it comes to throwing parties.”

Oh, and you can’t be ‘crazy’. He said another of his ex-girlfriends, who left him for a handyman in 2011, was” already showing signs of madness”.

(Says the guy who once issued a 1,000 pound reward for anyone who could capture a beaver, dead or alive. What?)

But before you apply to be the lucky, young – must be young – woman, you should also know… the baronet’s diet includes sweet potatoes and horny goat weed supplements. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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“I am on the Genghis Khan diet, which is recommended for young lotharios and involves eating sweet potato, sunflower seeds and horny goat weed,” he said.

Why? Because Genghis Khan reportedly fathered more than 2,000 children and that is the sum total of the baronet’s dreams for you and your young ovaries.

He’s so concerned about who will inherit his title, before he advertised the role of his wife, he previously advertised for anyone who might be his relative. He reportedly offered free DNA testing for anyone with the surname ‘Slade’.

Just think about it… A killer fortune. A home with duck ponds and possibly unicorns. A title straight out of an 1800s romance fiction. And a healthy dose of frozen sperm straight to the ovaries.

Oh, what dreams are made of.


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