We might just have proof MAFS' Sarah and Telv are still together.

Well, isn’t today filled with sunshine and rainbows.

Not only is it Friday (hello weekend brunches!) but also, we might just have proof that our favourite Married At First Sight couple are still together.

Yes, we are, of course, speaking about Sarah and Telv.

After what looked like a perfect relationship (you know, given they were two strangers who got married on reality television) things have gone downhill, erm, rather quickly this week.

There was the fight over the snapchats and the leaked email from Telv to a MAFS producer to name just two of the incidents.

And it’s been frustrating us so much we even did a very serious investigation into the likelihood they were still together.

Now we have another piece of evidence.

The pair were front row at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival last night, looking happy and adoringly in love.

I mean, just look at those smiles!

“Thanks so much to VAMFF for having us… I just love fashion if it’s not already obvious & I just LOVE a Runway Show too!” Sarah Roza posted on her Instagram.


Telv also posted a picture from the night, as well as uploading a selfie of the pair on his Instagram story.

However there were plenty of people in the comments on Telv’s post, speculating that the couple’s body language suggested they were no longer together.

“Body language speaks volumes doesn’t it,” wrote one follower.

However we’re still holding out hope.

Listen: Clare and Jessie Stephens recap the most recent episode. Post continues after audio.

The pair were sat front row at a fashion show attended by hundreds of other people, all with their phones out, ready to capture yes, the fashion, but also any minute the pair on one of the most popular TV show’s currently on air appeared unhappy.

It’s a risky move if they really are broken up.

So either they are still together (Yey love!) or they are much better actors than we thought.

We’ll have to wait for Married At First Sight next week to find out. Until then, conspiracy theories…

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