Are Married at First Sight's Sarah and Telv still together? An investigation.

We need to talk about Sarah Roza and Telv Williams from Married at First Sight.

The fake-married couple won us over by being, well, the most normal and well-adjusted fake-married people of the whole goddamn series.

They loved each other and respected each other and once had a very silly fight over a Snapchat.

But now people are saying they’re not together anymore and this is not OK.

So, being the well-adjusted investigative journalist that I am, I’ve scoured through all the evidence to find out whether everyone’s favourite fake-married couple are still a thing.

Exhibit A: The email.

Last week there was an email leak akin to the Watergate scandal in both its seriousness and impact on the international political climate.

You see, Daily Mail published a “leaked” email allegedly sent from Telv to one of the producers of the show.

Telv and Sarah are fighting and we can’t handle it. Post continues. 

The email read: “Had a chat to Sarah… I have blocked her number and refuse to have anymore talks… I wanted to try and get along strictly for publicity… I no longer want anything to do with this crazy woman”.

Are there a few holes in this piece of evidence? Definitely. Parts of the email are blacked out, and we could be missing some vital context. Maybe Telv is referring to another Sarah. Or mentions Sarah at the beginning and then starts talking about someone else.

But yes, this definitely probably maybe real email points in the general direction of Sarah and Telv no longer being together.

Exhibit B: The “snorting cocaine off a stripper’s butt” incident.

Not long after the greatest email leak of our time, some footage emerged of Telv, erm, sniffing a white substance off a woman’s bottom.

While some media outlets have concluded that Telv was doin’ something naughty, we’d like to think he was just practising his baking skills so he could make Sarah a cake…. because he loves her very much.


Also, we don’t know when the footage was taken so our findings on this matter are inconclusive.

Exhibit C: The Instagram comments.

On Monday night’s episode Sarah and Telv had their first fight.

They had just been to the commitment ceremony and were driving home when the fight occurred. Sarah was trying to talk about her feelings and Telv was laughing at something very funny on Snapchat.

Sarah thought Telv was ignoring her and so began the most pointless fight in the history of pointless fights.

Many fans thought Sarah was being a “drama queen” and “making something out of nothing” but Sarah did not agree.


She later commented on Instagram saying the “real reason” for the fight had been edited out.

“Wow. You all think I was just being overly sensitive because I had my period? NO,” the 38-year-old wrote.

“Definitely not the case… I’m a strong, resilient woman and it takes a LOT to make me upset like that.

“But, of course, it doesn’t make sense to you all because the real reason for the fight (which definitely wasn’t the first one we had) was completely edited out.”

are sarah and telv still together
Exhibit C.1

Later, Sarah also liked a comment from a fan who told her she should "walk away" from Telv.

"Sarah... everyone has their opinion, only you know the truth, " wrote beyslayhive. "You know your self worth."

"I was rooting for you guys but after what I've seen... all I'm going to say, if you were my bff I would tell you, walk way."

The Instagram user signed off her post with, "boy bye".

Then Sarah liked it.

are sarah and telv still together
Exhibit C.2

We can deduce from this piece of evidence that Sarah is either upset with the show for their dodgy editing or she is very much done with Telv.

In conclusion, it appears things aren't looking great for Sarah and Telv (Tarah? Selv?).

Having said all that, I'm an optimist and I won't give up on this glorious love until I see their messy, dramatic breakup with my own two tear-streaked eyes.

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