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Just all the evidence that The Bachelor Rachael's 'Plan B' drama was... entirely fake.

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Excuse us.

We have a very important investigation to present.

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, contestant Rachael Arahill’s alleged ~secret romance~ with a crew member finally came to fruition.

After finding out about Rachael’s ‘Plan B’, Matt asked her to leave the mansion. Post continues after video.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of how it all went down:

During the cocktail party, Mary took Matt aside to tell him that Rachael was interested in an unnamed crew member, who she had been referring to as her “Plan B”.

Then, to make things even more dramatic, a Bachelor producer took Matt aside and showed him a slip of paper with Rachael’s phone number on it, which had reportedly been given to her “Plan B”.

Cue: Drama.

While Rachael was speaking to the producers about the crew member, Matt approached, heard pretty much everything, and sent her packing.

It was… a lot.

matt the bachelor
Matt was very unhappy, pls.

But you see, we have a theory.

In fact, we've found a whole lot of evidence that proves Rachael's 'Plan B' drama was either a) completely exaggerated or b) entirely fake.

Here's why:

1. Rachael claims she didn't give out her number.

Speaking to Mamamia, Rachael said that she thinks she was set up by producers during the cocktail party when her number made it into the hands of a crew member.

"I was up in hair and makeup at the time, but from what I have gathered from watching the show, somebody has given a crew member my number – I don’t even know if it was my number, whatever – and it started this whole debacle," she said.

"On the night I was very, very confused because the producer was yelling at me being like 'Is giving your number to somebody a joke?' and I was just so confused because I was like 'What do you mean, I have been upstairs all night, how could I have given my number to someone?' she added.

"It made no sense to me so I was like 'Yeah, this whole thing was a joke'. That’s why when I got in the car I was like 'F*cking dogs' because I was pissed off at the producers because I thought they were stitching me up."

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2. Apparently "Plan B" wasn't even on set.

In an Instagram Live video shared during last night's episode, Rachael claimed that the "Plan B" scandal was "fake".

"Obviously producers set me up," she said during the video.

"Watch me defy all odds by 'giving my Plan B my number' when I was being held upstairs in the makeup room," she added.

Rachael also claimed that her "Plan B" was actually on a "rostered day off" and "away from set" when the incident occurred.


3. It was Matt's first time alone with Mary.

Was it just us, or was it a little peculiar that Mary's first time alone with Matt was purely to share some gossip?

It felt scripted and a little... over-produced.

Seriously, are we watching The Bachelor, or an episode of Unreal? 


4. Matt heard everything.

While Rachael was speaking to the producers about her "Plan B" and how she planned to contact the crew member after the show finished, Matt approached.

He also happened to hear basically everything Rachael said. 

Was it a case of perfect timing, or a set-up like Rachael thinks? Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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