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"It was a stretch of the truth." The Bachelor's Rachael on what really happened with 'Plan B'.

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On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Rachael Arahill was bundled into a car and whisked away from the mansion – and her ‘Plan B’ – with some glorious final words: ‘F*cking dogs’.

Were they the best departing words in Bachie history? Quite possibly.

Rachael told Mamamia the comment was directed at producers, who she believed set her up during the cocktail party when her number magically made it into the hands of a crew member while she was upstairs getting her makeup done.

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“I was up in hair and makeup at the time, but from what I have gathered from watching the show, somebody has given a crew member my number – I don’t even know if it was my number, whatever – and it started this whole debacle,” she told Mamamia.

Watching the show back filled in some gaps for the 23-year-old, who was seriously confused by how it all went down on the night.

“On the night I was very, very confused because the producer was yelling at me being like ‘Is giving your number to somebody a joke?’ and I was just so confused because I was like ‘What do you mean, I have been upstairs all night, how could I have given my number to someone?’

“It made no sense to me so I was like ‘Yeah, this whole thing was a joke’. That’s why when I got in the car I was like ‘F*cking dogs’ because I was pissed off at the producers because I thought they were stitching me up.”

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"So annoying when one of my 26 girlfriends wants to date other people"

Since watching the show, she's concluded that one of the other bachelorettes was trying to be a good wing woman - but it was one big fail, because the number ended up in the hands of the wrong guy. The crew member she actually had a thing for wasn't even on set that night.

Rachael said she knew she was made into "the punchline", but honestly, she wasn't upset over how it all played out.


She said she planned to tell Matt and leave that night anyway - directly after she gave that piece-to-camera interview that got her busted.

"I was already planning on leaving anyway, so I was literally waiting to finish that interview so that I could go and tell him that I was going to go, but I didn't exactly know how to tell him, so I'm glad he approached me first and made it even more awkward than it would've been.

"It was a bit of a stretch of the truth, but it was funny. I didn't mind it. I loved my ending - 'f*cking dogs', definitely one to remember."

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With Plan A and Plan B both deemed a failure, Rachael was photographed last week kissing fellow contestant Vakoo at a Sydney restaurant.

Rachael told Mamamia the pair didn't expect to be photographed, so it was pretty weird to see the images in the media on Monday.

As for her and Vakoo's relationship, well, they're still figuring that out.

"We're just hanging out here and there, seeing what happens. We're definitely open to each other, also not open to other guys as well. I'm just seeing where life takes me, I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm not one to tie myself down too quickly," she said.

Initially pegged as the season's villain, Rachael is pleased with how she was portrayed on The Bachelor.

"The first two episodes were a lot for me because obviously I didn't come off in the best light and people didn't really get it, but I've been really good.

"I've been happy with what I've seen on the show. People have turned around and actually started to like me which is nice.

"I've got the type of personality where there's no in between - either you love me or you hate me - and I'm very aware that I'm not everyone's cup of tea and I'm not trying to be. When I went into the show I knew that I would probably get the role as the villain because what you see is what you get and that can come across wrong. But at the end of the day I've got such a strong personality that I really couldn't care less what other people think of me, and I genuinely mean that from the bottom of my heart."

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