CULT BUY: The $38 LED mirror that'll make applying makeup in your dingy bedroom easier.

Natural light is an illusive fellow, isn’t it?

When you find it, life feels like an Instagram filter. But without it, things like your face can look dull and fuzzy.

Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a beautifully, naturally lit space at home to do their makeup in everyday.

Making do with what we’ve got, some of us blindly slap our makeup on in the dark, praying it looks blended and airbrushed when we enter the outside world.

It’s to solve that exact conundrum that the Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror with LED lights exists.

Here it is below:


This space age-looking mirror serves the purpose of adding much needed light to your dark bedroom/bathroom/work desk/wherever you do your makeup.

So what makes this mirror worth parting with those two $20 notes weighing down your wallet? Figuratively speaking, of course because no one carries cash anymore, right?

Put simply – if one of those wanky LED selfie lights and your bathroom mirror had relations, the Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror would be their love child.

If you didn’t know better, you might mistake it’s rose gold or silver exterior for a smart tablet or some piece of innovation humankind are yet to invent. But open it up and you’ll find the techiest mirror you’ve come across.

Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror
Is it an iPad? Is it a shopping centre touch screen directory? Image: Supplied.
Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror

Featuring 24 dimmable LED lights, you can power it using four AA+ batteries or by plugging the USB chord into a power source (laptop or iPhone charger), and it turns on with the flick of the switch on the back and a tap of the touch screen button on the front.

Yes, touch screen.

Depending on just how void of natural light your makeup putting-on area is, you can adjust the brightness of the LED lights by holding down the touch screen button.

The Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror also gives you a three-way, two and three times magnified view of your face, which is both helpful and terrifying. Helpful because the side mirrors allow you to see important things like if your foundation is blended at your jawline.

Terrifying because, does anyone really want to see themselves from so many magnified angles?

The mirror's adjustable arm provides a 180-degree view of just about anything on or around your face you need to see.

That chin hair you've been struggling to locate? The Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror can track it down. Same goes for nose hairs. And ear wax.

Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror
TADA! Image: Supplied.

Side note - the base of the mirror doubles as a jewellery tray you can put your pretty rings and dainty earrings on too.

And at $38, this product sits firmly in the semi-affordable range of items that aren't essential, but would be nice to have around if you can afford it.

If you're someone who enjoys trying out new beauty tools but can't commit to exxier purchases, the Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror is a fun toy to play with.

The fact it actually does what it says it does is a bonus.

You can nab the Illuminate Me 3-Way Makeup Mirror with LED lights over on Mamamia Shopping website.