People are worried about Khloe Kardashian's baby photo and seriously, enough.

If you are not being criticised for your parenting, how do you even know you’re a mother – and especially – a Kardashian?

From Kanye ‘risking’ his baby’s safety on a plane, to Kim ‘exposing’ North to the sight of her own mother in underwear, to Kylie daring to leave the house sans Stormi, the Kardashians have been accused of bad parenting almost as often as they post photos to Instagram.

This week, Khloe’s having a turn in the firing line – again.

In the three months since the reality television star became a mother to True, the daughter she had with basketballer Tristan Thompson, Khloe has been criticised for everything from her postpartum workouts to stopping breastfeeding.

This week she posted an innocent and adorable photo of True, from, as she explained, “about 2 months ago”:

About 2 months ago… ????

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Despite the photo capturing a loving moment of mum and baby, the trolls came out to play, because the picture shows the infant sound asleep in her mother’s arms, with her head slumped over, resting on her hand.

Many accused Khloe of not properly supporting her daughter’s neck. Comments included (unsolicited) advice and warnings, such as the following:

“Can we get a little neck support possibly?”

“That neck BROKE.”

“Why ya baby head bout to fall off.”

“Girl pick that babies [sic] head up.”

Finally, one commenter brought reason to the argument:

“A doll baby, and both my babies had pictures with their heads in this position and guess what? They’re 40 and 33 and parents!?”

Of course, some people also took issue with Khloe’s long finger nails, which are noticeable in the photo.

“Cute!!! but those nails scare me when I see them and baby together,” a mother wrote. “After my son was born, I chopped my nails.”

“Aren’t u afraid to hurt your baby with those long nails,” another asked.

We don’t know about you, but we’re seriously over the trolls.