If you love The Block, you’re about to become obsessed with Netflix’s newest hit.

I’ll be honest – I have a little guilty pleasure.

The truth is, as much as I absolutely hate to admit it, I’m a little bit obsessed with renovation shows.

Look, I know I’ll probably never own a house in Sydney, but I can always dream…

So when a brand new renovation show popped up on my Netflix homepage last week, I started watching immediately – and in just a mere 48 hours, I’d finished the entire series.

The new show is called Stay Here and it’s all about helping people renovate their properties to market them as short-term holiday accomodation on sites like Airbnb.

It’s kind of like The Block… but without all the drama. And instead of selling the finished product to Dave Hughes, it gets put on the short-term rental market for anyone to book and stay in. It’s genius.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s new renovation reality show.

The show is hosted by American television host and interior designer Genevieve Gorder, who handles the design and renovation process, and real estate expert Peter Lorimer, who takes care of all things marketing.


While being entertaining for renovation reality show lovers like me, the show is also super helpful for anyone looking to turn part of their property into a short term rental as Peter and Genevieve provide loads of tips on how to up property value and get good reviews from guests.

Along the way, the pair visited eight US cities to revamp some of America’s most enticing Airbnb listings, including a Seattle boathouse, an original red brick fire station in Washington, D.C. and an incredible mid-century 70s replica in Palm Springs.

Seriously, look at this Palm Springs pool area.


Or there’s this old fire house turned Airbnb.


And this Seattle boathouse…

Excuse me, I’ll just be booking that boathouse in Seattle now.

You can watch all eight episodes of the entire first season of Stay Here on Netflix now. 

Have you watched Stay Here yet? What did you think?