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What we've all failed to realise about the two biggest actors on Married at First Sight.

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There’s certainly no denying this season of Married at First Sight has been full of interesting characters.

We’ve had the face of pure evil, Ines, the wildly outspoken Cyrell, Elizabeth, whose facial expressions never ceased to amaze us, and Matt, who decided marrying a stranger on television was a perfectly normal way to lose his virginity.

In fact, the characters are so eccentric, many thought two contestants in particular were paid actors.

We’re of course talking about Ines and Sam, two people portrayed so badly we couldn’t actually believe they were portraying their true personalities on television.

Remember the time Ines repeatedly yelled “shut the f*ck up” at Bronson for reasons largely unknown?


Or when Sam put his fake wife down on television at any opportunity he could get?

Or when they had a totally made-up affair that consisted of not only fake sex but some of the most amateur acting we've seen since year 8 drama?

ines mafs 2019 sam
"This is my acting face."

So amateur, in fact, that we have a theory.

A theory based entirely on our imaginations, but a theory nonetheless.

Sam and Ines' rubbish acting skills were all a ruse to mask the two real paid actors on the show.

Jules and Cam.

Yes, that's right.

We truly believe they are paid actors planted by the experts in an effort to mask the fact that the "social experiment" of Married at First Sight doesn't exist solely for the purpose of ruining people's lives on national television for the entertainment of the masses.

Hear us out:

They both seem so... normal.

"We're just two completely level-headed young professionals who decided to marry complete strangers on the television."

Surely this is suspicious to people other than us. I mean surely.

They haven't fought yet.

You're supposed to fight with your fake television spouse. That's how the experiment works.

Until the experts intervened, that is.

"We are truly blessed to have two such talented thespians in our midst."

Cam does a great Tom Cruise:

"I am so committed to this character right now."

Jules does the best "tipsy woman at a dinner party" we've ever seen:

"I've actually been drinking water all night."

And they're apparently "in love".

Look, no.

If there's one thing we love about watching Married at First Sight, it's that the experiment doesn't work.

This is what makes it such good watching.


Why aren't these two having petty fights about gossip and rumours?

We refused to believe that two real people involved in this experiment could be in love. It's simply too far fetched.

So Jules and Cam, bravo, you've put on a great show, but we are no longer buying it.

The jig is up.