Let me walk you through the theory JLo and Ben Affleck are recreating 'Jenny From The Block'.

I feel like I'm being dramatically trolled by two of the world's most famous people and it's thrown me for a loop.

The Hollywood stars first aligned earlier this year. 

Sad Affleck had returned after throwing out a cardboard cutout of his ex Ana de Armas, and a very silly man named ARod may or may not have cheated on Jennifer freaking Lopez.

With both of them newly single, the early 2000s power couple became Bennifer once again.

It started with sly paparazzi shots of Affleck leaving JLo's Los Angeles home and strategic 'anonymous sources' in tabloids, but quickly built into more.

Soon, Deuxmoi was receiving tips about proposals, and rumours were swirling of JLo's plans to shift her family from Miami to be closer to Affleck. He wore a watch she gifted him nearly two decades ago and JLo performed songs related to Affleck's hometown of Boston.

We needed this. It had been a rough time, and being transported back to the simpler times of 2002 via two very hot people hooking up was a pleasant reprieve.

But while we all basked in the warm, comforting glow of Bennifer, the cynical cogs of TV writer Caissie St. Onge's brain were working overtime.

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On May 24, on an episode of the podcast Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best, St. Onge theorised that the internet's favourite new/old couple were in fact doing a shot for shot recreation of the 'Jenny from the Block' music video for its 20th anniversary.

I mean, it would be iconic. But, what the hell? Could it be true? Had we all been fooled by the rocks that she got?

It was a pretty outlandish theory, mostly hinging on the fact that Affleck had at that point been spotted wearing the same watch JLo gave him in the music video.

THIS watch. Image: SME/Getty. 


But then... things kept happening.

And St. Onge, who is now a personal hero of mine, stuck to her guns, compiling a very convincing collage of her evidence.

"This May, Ben was seen wearing the watch JLo gave him IN the orig 'JFTB' video! On seeing this, my immediate first instinct was… they are remaking the video. Am I a witch? Yes. Did that mean I was right? We'll see," she wrote.

Then came a June 24 dinner date, which was also shot by paparazzi. It captured their first public kiss since they reunited, which gained most of the headlines.

"*I* focused on the placement of everything at that dinner, including the angle the paps were shooting from," St. Onge wrote.

Ok but I had forgotten about Affleck's SMOLDER. Image: SME. 


"Very similar to the shots of B & J at dinner being secretly shot by paps in JFTB vid! Jen even seems to be wearing a similar up/down hairdo. Did this confirm I was on the right track? Not just yet," she continued.

"I said, 'Call me when they are on a yacht together. That's when I will know.'"

Well, uh, look.

Either St. Onge has some creepy Bennifer telepathy thing going on, or she's right. Because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

Over the weekend, to mark her 52nd birthday, JLo and Affleck hung out on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, like the disgustingly wealthy celebrities they are.

They also went Instagram official. 


But that's not the main story here. Because while living their best lives on the French Riviera (sob), paparazzi captured Bennifer pulling the most Bennifer pose of all.

Yep, there was JLo, lying in a bikini, with Affleck... touching her butt.

Do you know where we've seen that before?


It was basically this but Affleck has aged 20 years. JLo... has not. 


We don't know if Affleck kissed her bum, but I guess we'll know the answer to that when the new video is released (yeah, I'm crossing all my fingers).

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Things got even wilder by the emergence of this video of them jamming to, get this, 'JENNY FROM THE BLOCK', at JLo's birthday party.


So, if this is really happening, what else can we expect to see?

I've watched the 'Jenny from the Block' video dozens of times today, for work obviously, and if anyone spots Bennifer reading a magazine about themselves, I will lose it.

Also: Affleck at the petrol pump. Affleck lounging in a robe on a balcony (we've had balcony pics already, but no robe). Kissing in a convertible. JLo wearing a mesh singlet and cargo pants. 

Oh, and THAT HAT. Image: SME. 


Even if this isn't true, it's a little fun to speculate, isn't it? And you get the feeling Bennifer are wanting us to have fun with this.

Both JLo and Affleck are seasoned celebs, and it's hardly going to surprise them to know paparazzi are following - and capturing - their every move.

So even if they're *not* recreating the vid, the way in which they're leaning in to the narrative is like a sly nod. An invitation. Because this is the (Northern Hemisphere) summer of Bennifer, and we're all along for the ride.

And look, don't worry.

The music video theory doesn't mean they're not really long-lost lovers who have found each other again. No one is accusing them of faking their relationship here.

The 'JFTB' music video is all about the intense media interest that surrounded their relationship, and now they're going through the exact same thing. This time they're 20 years wiser, so why the heck not cash in on the rekindled speculation?

Everyone's got to make a living!

The song doesn't officially turn 20 until next year, so we may be waiting a while to see this theory play out.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for Bennifer at the servo.

Feature image: Getty/SME.