SEX DIARIES: 'I let my husband live out his cuckold fantasy. Here's what happened.'

We’d always talked about a threesome but never acted on it. We were both too jealous. Too invested. Too in love. But it didn’t stop us from fantasising about it non-stop.

We’d send each other porn clips throughout the day of our favorite threesome videos. He’d always pick the ones that showed the girl being spit-roasted by two well-endowed guys and I preferred more romantic depictions of the cuckold scenario.

Tonight he promised me something special. The knot in my stomach twisted – a complex mix of excitement, nerves, and desire. He’d left a blindfold on the pillow with instructions to get undressed, place it over my eyes, and climb into bed. I did so with trepidation.

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The slow-moving ceiling fan sent cold air cascading down on top of my naked frame, bringing my nipples to life. The air felt especially cold against the slickness that was already pooling between my legs. 

My breath was short and quick. The waiting was the worst part. I prayed hard to myself that he hadn’t hired a male prostitute to screw my brains out. As hot as our fantasy life was, I wanted to keep it there. Outside of the bedroom. Outside of our reality.

I heard the ensuite bathroom door open, and my voice caught in my throat. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath. I strained hard to hear, searching for any clues as to who had just walked into the bedroom. I recognised the distinct shuffle of my husband's feet against the hard tile and strained even harder, listening for the second pair of feet that never came.

I let out an audible exhale, relief flooding my body like a warm wave. I licked and nibbled my lips, a bad habit of mine when I was particularly anxious. I felt my husband’s presence on the bed. The warmth radiated off his body. I let my chest rise and fall in deep, heavy sighs, my breasts pressed straight up toward the ceiling.

His hands were on me now – soft but firm. He ran his palms up and down the length of my legs, giving my thighs a little extra attention. His fingertips tickled my belly, circling my belly button and then each nipple, one at a time. I tried to lay still, but I was writhing beneath his touch.


“I have something for you.”

His voice came quick, sharp, and warm against his ear. I found myself gasping out loud, but no words came. 

He placed his hand inside my knee, slowly spreading my legs one at a time. 

“I think you’re gonna like it,” he whispered, but his voice was farther away now. He was still on the bed but not close to my face like he was before.

I was panting now. Anticipating. And then I felt it.

The soft, silicone against my cleft. My body stiffened, and the pressure intensified. It was the familiar feeling of the large, bulbous head of an artificial cock sliding up and down the length of my pussy. The tip swirled around my clit, causing it to twitch and throb. I gripped the sheets.

He pressed a little harder, slowly, agonisingly spreading my labia with expert precision. My legs began to drift together but he was quick to shove them apart, positioning himself between my legs. I felt his knees pressing mine outward as he worked the dildo against my tender, sensitive flesh. 

The head of the cock dipped into my hole which was now slick with pre-cum. My body ached for penetration. I wanted to beg for it but couldn’t find my voice. With torturous strokes, he continued to move the hard cock up to my clit and back down to my hole, alternating the speed and depth.

My body was tense with anticipation. I began writhing against the sheets, pushing and pulling my legs up and down along the soft fabric. 

“Please,” I begged softly, barely hearing the sound of my own voice.

“You want it?” he asked playfully. He was enjoying this. I could hear it in his voice. His playful tone only excited me more.

“Yes,” I pleaded. “I want it.”

“Beg for it”, he said, more sternly.

“Please let me have it. Please f**k me.”

“My wish is your command.”

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And with that, he made entry into my hungry pussy, the thick girth of the cock stretching my body to full capacity. I gasped, arching my back to make room for the huge shaft between my legs.

“That’s right,” he whispered. “Take it like a good girl.”


I gripped the pillow above my head, letting my knees fall open to the side, willing him to penetrate me even deeper. He slowly moved the first few inches of the glorious cock in and out of my hole. The soft silicone moved smoothly along the curves of my body, my own natural lubricant guiding the way.

“Do you want it all?”

My mind raced for a moment. I hadn’t realised it wasn't all the way in yet. Could I take it all? My doubt was short-lived.

“Yes,” I cried out. “Give it all to me.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

My body opened up, accepting the entire length of the thick, long shaft my husband was controlling between my legs. I cried out, a mixture of surprise and pure bliss. I felt the weight of the round, hanging balls make contact with my bottom, tapping in realistic unison. He fucked me deep and even, his hand gripping my knee, holding me securely in place.

“Come on baby,” he encouraged. “Come for me.”

His words of encouragement flooded through me, making me feel vulnerable and on display. I was no longer in control of my feelings or actions. I was completely at his mercy. The mercy of the impressive tool he’d brought just for me. I smiled at the thought of his generosity. I smiled knowing he was getting off on watching the pleasure a giant cock brought me – real or not.

“Harder,” I commanded. “F**k me harder.”

My words sent him into a fury. He picked up speed and intensity, thrusting the smooth cock hard and fast into my eager c**t. His thumb was on my clit now, working in expert circles as I grew closer to the edge.

“That’s right,” he said. “You’re so close.”

My entire body stiffened, and I focused on nothing else but the explosion of pleasure building between my legs. With a few more, deep thrusts, my husband coaxed me into a fit of hard, fast orgasms. I grabbed his hand that was still on my knee, wanting him to feel me as my body released and clenched the unfamiliar cock inside me. He held me tight, matching the movements of the dildo with my own body. Slowing at the perfect time as all the muscles in my body relaxed and went limp. 

I placed my hands on my belly, a content smile spread across my face. I winced as he slowly slid the dildo from my body, inch by inch before crawling up the bed to lay beside me. 

This sex diary originally appeared on Sofia Sins - an audio porn platform that tells the story from both sides.

Feature Image: Canva.

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