PSA: Big W is selling bloody cute Christmas costumes for your good boy.

Christmas is sneaking up ridiculously fast, which means you're probably buying last-minutes gifts for that cousin you forgot about and of course, planning the all-important Christmas Day outfit

But if you've been wondering what your dog will be wearing on the big day, we've got you covered. 

Enter dog Christmas costumes.

In what might be the best things to come out of 2020, Big W is dropping a range of ridiculously cute outfits for your fur baby. And they're all under $10. 

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Video via Mamamia. 

First up is my personal favorite, the very adorable dog santa costume. The $9 outfit even comes with a tiny Santa hat for their tiny little heads. 

This will seriously never stop being cute. 

Image: Big W. 


If you're after something a bit more fashion forward, there's also a $9 Hawaiian Shirt for doggos who want to embrace the summer vibes.  

Image: Big W.  

The range also includes tiny t-shirt like this $7 Santa Paws one, which is essentially an ugly Christmas sweater for your dog. It also comes in a fun reindeer design

Image: Big W. 


Of course, if you (and your dog) want to keep it simple, Big W are also selling a bunch of accessories like reindeer ears, santa hats and scarves and elf hats to get them into the festive spirit. 

Image: Big W 

Either way, we'll be adding these to our carts immediately. 

Will you be buying a costume for your dog this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Big W.