The invisible tree, and 7 more mind-blowing Christmas decoration hacks.

We made it to December, which means it's finally time to crack open that dusty box of Christmas decorations and get ready to relearn every lyric to every Christmas song ever.

Whether you're still planning on putting your Christmas tree up or (like me) shamelessly put it up in November, decorating the house can take a lot of time, money and effort. 

Thankfully, the good people of TikTok have shared some genius Christmas hacks to make your home feel super festive without tugging on the purse strings too much. 

We're talking tricks like how to make your tree actually look full and how to turn a pool noodle into a very fancy Christmas centrepiece. (Yes, our minds were blown too). 

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So without further ado, here are eight genius Christmas hacks for the lazy person in all of us.

1. The brilliant hack if you don't have space for a Christmas tree.

If you love decorating for the festive season but are limited on space, this is the Christmas hack for you.

A mum on Facebook explained that the only place in her house for a tree was in front of the aircon. And that just wasn't going to... work. So instead, she hung baubles in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Another mum tried that idea too and shared exactly how she created it.

"For anyone interested in making: All baubles from Kmart (of course!)," she shared.

"Board and instructions from Etched Homewares. Rail (that board is attached to) is from Bunnings. Fishing line from $2 shop. Cheaper than from Kmart."

Image: Facebook. 



2. The golden rule to make your Christmas tree look full AF.

Those with fake Christmas trees will know the struggle well. No matter how many decorations or tinsel you put on the tree to make it look fuller, there will still be those annoying gaps in the branches. 

Thankfully, one retail worker has shared the golden rule she learned at work to make your tree appear thicker. And it's surprisingly simple. 

Posting on her TikTok account @lifehacks1989, Taylor explained all you need to do is rearrange the branches so there are two sticking out and one sticking up.

"Put your Christmas tree branches two out, one up," she said as she moved from the back of the branch to the front. 

"It will make your tree look bigger and fuller."


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Mind. Blown.

3.The simple way to make the outside of your house look festive.

As much as we can all admire how amazing Christmas light displays are on some houses, it's also looks like... a lot of work and some of us just aren't in the mood to wrestle metres of string lights.

Instead, there's a simpler way to make the outside of your house look more festive. 

As shared by TikTok user @buildandcreatehome, all you need is a thick roll of ribbon, a hot glue gun and a bow to turn your door into a giant Christmas present. 


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Who wouldn't want to come home to that?


4. How to turn a pool noodle into a fancy Christmas centrepiece. 

This one is pure genius. 

TikTok user Jane @blondies.diy has shared an easy (and affordable) way to create a fancy-looking Christmas centrepiece using a pool noodle. 

As Jane explains in the video, start by pushing some tinsel into the end of the pool noodle. Then wrap the rest of the tinsel around the noodle, securing it with tape as you go. 

She then decorated it using a hot glue gun and different size baubles. The centrepiece works great on a dining table or even a bookshelf or mantle. 


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5. How to use coat hangers to decorate the house. 

Just like pool noodles, coat handers are another household item you can turn into Christmas decorations. 

TikTok user @carolina.mccauley shared a video showing how she rearranged white plastic coat hangers to resemble a snowflake. She then used white zip ties to secure the coat hangers in place before hanging it up. 


Quick and Easy Snowflake DIY ##DiceRoll ##xmasdiy ##christmas2020 ##christmashack

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6. How to fix that one bauble without a string. 

Every year without fail, there's always that one bauble that loses its string. Instead of throwing it out or searching around the house for a rogue piece of thread, why not just use a paper clip? 

The clever idea comes from TikTok user @victoriarasaki.


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7.  How to make your own DIY Christmas tree decorations for cheap.

Jane from @blondies.diy has shared another creative way to decorate your house without splurging on expensive decor. 

Using cardboard and different coloured tinsel, Jane has fashioned her own Christmas tress to scatter around the house. 

"I just rolled one [sheet of cardboard] up to be a cone size, cut it so it would stand. Grabbed some garland and hot glued that around it." 


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So simple. So good.

8. How to make your own Christmas gift bag.

If you're bringing presents over to your family's house and find yourself in need of a last-minute gift bag, TikTok user @mymoderndecor has you sorted. 

All you need is a wrapping paper, a hole punch, ribbon and some tape to fashion your very own (and very resourceful) gift bag. 


Make a bag for those odd shaped gifts! @mama_mila_ ##wrappinghack ##christmascountdown2020 ##christmashack ##HolidayVibes ##fyppp

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Do you know any Christmas hacks? Let us know in the comment below. 

Feature Image: [email protected]/@carolina.mccauley