Move over, fingermouthing: 'Bambi pose' is taking over Instagram.

About a year ago, the world’s Instagram feeds were peppered with one very distinctive selfie trend: ‘fingermouthing‘.

As its name suggests, the pose involved dangling fingers in front of the mouth, with the aim of looking carelessly seductive and candid as well as framing the face.

Naturally, it was a hit among various Kardashians and plenty of other ~Instagram influencers~.

However, it seems fingermouthing has now been eclipsed — and its successor is perhaps even more confusing.

Elle writer Julie Schott has dubbed the new Instagram trend du jour the 'Bambi pose'. Yes. As in the animated fawn whose mother's untimely death traumatised a generation of children.

The uncomfortable-looking sitting position is characterised by the poseur's calves being curled and tucked demurely beneath their thighs.

Just like a little baby deer... with a little more bikini action.

Regardless of its origins, this pose is suddenly popping up everywhere.

And honestly, we're developing a leg cramp just looking at some of these contortions.

Yep, Bella Hadid has taken it on, too.

Ostensibly, the idea behind the Bambi pose is to look sweetly seductive — as The Berry's Lindsey Robertson points out, there's a subtle physical advantage to sitting this way.

"It’s an excellent way to show off your tush in a casual way. And it eliminates the possibility of any tummy rolls in swimsuit photos," she writes.

Then again, is it worth the inevitable leg cramp?

Listen: Ever been accused of being "basic"? Here's exactly what it means. (Post continues after audio.)

"Who are these people kidding? This isn’t a comfortable sitting position, and there is nothing remotely candid about these photos," Robertson concludes.

Look, we might just stick to Instagramming our dogs in costumes, thanks all the same.

Have you noticed this on your Instagram feed?

H/T: Elle magazine.

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Top Comments

Tarzmahal 3 years ago

I sit like this all the time. People think it's weird and always comment 'doesn't that hurt your knees?'. Ive always been lanky and thin though so, maybe it's more comfortable for ectomorphs with long legs?

V Hughes 3 years ago

Hey, didn't Kellyanne Conway do a bambi on the couch in the Oval Office the other week?