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The awkward interview that has everyone convinced MAFS Martha and Michael have split. 

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Given we can barely remember what life before MAFS actually feels like, we’ve become truly invested in the post-show lives of its contestants, away from Trish talking about intimacy and Cyrell throwing fruit bowls.

In the ~real world~, it seems the relationships… might not be doing so well.


(Don’t worry – Jules and Cam are fine).

But the other two couples… well.

Off the back of our recent discovery that Jess and Dan aren’t living together and haven’t met each other’s families (eek), it seems Michael and Martha are in a similar situation.

Despite choosing to stay together in this week’s final commitment ceremony and Michael promising he would move to Sydney’s Bondi from Melbourne to be with Martha, the couple seemed super distant during a Kyle and Jackie O radio interview on Tuesday morning, struggling through questions about cheating rumours and their still-unresolved living situation.


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???? Secrets, secrets, are no fun unless they’re shared with everyone ???????? #MAFS

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When asked about photos of her hanging out on her balcony with a mystery man last week, 30-year-old Martha was defensive, and Jackie O was suss.

“There’s been a couple of photos where you’re on the balcony with your ex-boyfriend in like a bra, so what was that about?” she asked.

“That’s not my ex-boyfriend. He is like one of my oldest friends. We were just hanging out,” she said, jumping to clear up that Michael was aware they were spending the day together.

Jackie also asked about photos which popped up in December of Martha with fellow MAFS contestant Sam Ball.

“Those photos of Sam and I were taken, like, actually on Christmas Eve in Byron [Bay]. I was in Byron with my family… and Sam lives down there,” she said.


“He was just literally walking past [the restaurant we were at] and he came and sat and had, like, a few drinks with my parents.”

But the real tension came later in the interview, when questioned about their living situation and sex life (is Kyle… Trish?).

“I haven’t moved to Bondi yet,” Michael said. “We haven’t put a timeline on it, we just wanted to see how things went outside of the experiment.”

Martha had previously stated that she has been living in Melbourne since filming ended, but was quick to tell Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny that she “hated it with a passion,” which seems like an odd thing to say for someone who had been living five minutes from supposedly the love of their life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

“I don’t feel inspired there, I don’t feel good there. I love Sydney because I’ve got the beach right at my feet and I’m there every day. I’m back home at the moment which is in Bundoora, which is five minutes away from Michael’s house,” she said at the time.

But perhaps the most telling answer was when Kyle Sandilands today asked: “How long since you guys last had sex?”

After a long pause, Martha said: “I don’t remember actually… Michael, you can answer this one.”

They eventually agreed upon “last week.”