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Four months on from filming, Married at First Sight's Jess and Dan don't seem that... close.

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They’re the couple who professed their love for each other approximately two seconds after striking up a relationship, but now, MAFS’ Jessika Power and Dan Webb are living separately, and haven’t even met each other’s family.

… Oh.

After cheating on their fake television spouses, Jessika and Dan were controversially allowed to remain in the experiment to explore their strong feelings, culminating in a final vows ceremony in which Dan – amid the very cheesy MAFS angel music – presented Jessika with a commitment ring.

Ahead of tonight’s grand episode, check out the promo below.

“Life’s too short to hide how you feel. I came here to fall in love and hope to have someone to take home and introduce to my son as my girl. I found that girl in you,” he said on Sunday night’s episode.

Jess had also been vocal about the fact that she was keen to relocate to the Gold Coast to live with him and his five-year-old son, which seemed… intense.

So intense that now, four months down the track, they seem to have taken a giant leap back in their relationship, and are essentially just “seeing each other”.

“She lives actually between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, she’s got family here as well, so, no, we’re not living together, that’s definitely not going to happen straight away,” Dan told radio station Hit 103.5 this week.

Note: “definitely not”.

He added; “I’m more of a guy that likes to take things slow and just reassess everything, but we spend as much time as we can together when she’s on the Gold Coast.”

We wonder if he can see the irony of calling himself  “a guy who likes to take things slow” in an interview post marrying a complete stranger on national television ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Dan also admitted Jess hadn’t met his mother – as in the woman who was convinced Jessika was just after somewhere to live upon hearing of her bold intentions to move for him.

“No, she hasn’t (met Jessika),” Dan said. “It’s been one big whirlwind since this is all finished, (I’m) just trying to get through things and back in routine and work. And Mum actually lives up in Airlie Beach, so we haven’t got that far yet, we’re just taking things slow at the moment.”

In a separate interview with Hit 92.9, Jessika also revealed she was yet to meet Dan’s son.

“Because coming out of the experiment we just wanted to do like the normal couple thing like go on dates and have the honeymoon stage,” she said.

They also each backed claims they were “persuaded” by MAFS producers to keep their affair secret from Mick and Tamara, the partners they were initially paired with.

“When the affair did start with Jess there was ways where I would have loved to have gone about it differently but was persuaded to do something different, if that makes sense,” Dan claimed.

“I would have liked to have said something obviously straight away, like when the affair started, rather than drag it out — that was definitely something that went against my character.”

It all comes after fellow contestant/angel Jules (who we trust wholeheartedly despite never having met her), said she suspects their entire relationship is fake.

Speaking to E! News, Jules was asked whether Jessika and Dan’s relationship could really still be kicking, and she responded “One hundred percent not. I don’t think it’s real at all.”

“Maybe [Jess and Dan] do like each other, who are we to know. But with her past record, does anybody know what’s real with Jess and what’s not?” she added.

Hmm – we don’t know what to believe, but we bet Mick and Tamara are enjoying this.