The year 2020: As told by painfully accurate memes.

We KNOW that this year has been an absolute dumpster fire of unprecedented chaos, but you know amongst every dark, looming, hideous looking cloud there is a small silver lining.

And in 2020, that silver lining was: Memes

Watch when my bestie tags someone else in memes. Post continues after video. 

Video via Mamamia.

So to wrap up this shocker of a 365 days, here are the absolute best memes that got us through and that we can all laugh about now because we’re out the other side.



Urgh, who knows? But for now, distract yourself with these throwback 2020 memes.

When everyone was posting their different social identities for all to comment. While precisely 87 per cent of your Facebook feed did it too, by far our favourite was COVID queen Dolly Parton.


When Parasite won Best Picture, Writer, Director and Producer at the Oscars, but all we could think about was this meme.

When celebs started educating us on how to wash our hands, as it turns out we were all very bad at washing our hands.


Tiger King aired on Netflix and the entire world stopped to witness the madness.


A whole bunch of people moved back in with their parents due to COVID chaos and this is circulating. A lot.

Image: Reddit.

When Mike Pence had a friendly fly join him during a US vice presidential election debate. 


And then everyone dressed up as said fly for Halloween, including Lizzo.


Witnessing the rest of the world get weirdly chill about a rampant deadly virus.

Everyone is working or studying or homeschooling from their houses, and a tsunami of these memes arrived in our feeds. 


The Last Dance airs on Netflix and we all become re-infatuated with Michael Jordan. And yes, the memes do follow.

We got to September and everyone was posting these.


Then Robert Pattinson appeared in the wild in a questionable tracksuit, and four thousand memes arrived within minutes. 

At this point, when people asked how you were going, you simply replied with one of these.


And then after 467 short months, we reached December and the optimism levels are low. Like this low.

What's your favourite meme from 2020? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: Mamamia.