Shelly Horton: “The day I had my vagina smoked.”

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Yep. You read correctly. When I was in Bali recently I had a one-hour massage for just $13. It was so cheap I decided to treat myself to something else and then I saw a treatment on the spa list I could not refuse.

The V spa.

The fogging of the vagina.

Here’s exactly what it said on the spa menu (including cute translation issues):

For the fogging the cylent squats over a special wooden stool that has a hole in the seat as a warm, steamy mixed of brewed herbs rises into her privates for a tryuly unique cleansing process. Vagina Ratus are said reduce stress, fight infection, clear hemorrhoids, regulate meastrual cycles and aid infertility among many other health benefits. Rp. 1000.000

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How could I say no? And it was only $10 for 20mins. There was no way I wasn’t trying it.

So I squatted on a small leather bound potty and allowed the burning herbs to waft up my down there.

And I filmed it. Natch. (Post continues after video.)

 The verdict.

A lot of smoke and mirrors I think. My Vjay-jay was a bit too hot. I had to jump off a couple of times to cool down.

When I jumped in the pool afterwards my girlfriends made sizzling sounds (in between sips of cocktails and puns about my smoking hot vagina).

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Did I feel like it made a difference? Nope. But it was completely worth it for the funny anecdote! My cravings for smoked trout lasted days.

Would you try a V spa?

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