nissan 380x181 Win one of ten $200 Westfield vouchers

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When you think about it, there are very few people who are to-the-bone stylish. There’s Kate Middleton, Paula Joye and some person at your office or in your ‘hood with a knack for putting it together and pulling off a great look. We love them and we hate them (albeit in a loving way).

But we all have at least ONE stylish thing, don’t we? A pretty teacup, a pair of orange jeans, a gorgeous collection of photo frames.

kate middleton Win one of ten $200 Westfield vouchers

Kate Middleton looking stylish

You might have a stylish ability – like parallel parking in one go outside crowded cafés.  Or perhaps you have a gift for putting together antipasto platters from jars of things you’ve found in the back of your pantry.

Some people have stylish cars. This need not equate to expensive – and it’s as easy to drive a great looking car, as a daggy one. In some respects it’s easier, as there are places to put your coffee so it doesn’t slosh into your lap.

Everyone has something stylish in their life and if you tweet it with the hashtag #lifemeetstyle or post it with a photo on the Mamamia Facebook page you could win a $200 Westfield Voucher. This is thanks to Nissan, makers of the great looking (and practical, safe and well-priced) DUALIS.

If you’re not across Twitter or Facebook, no worries! Just go here to enter.

The best entries have been collated and shared here.

@W_Higginson: Art the messy way

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