Screen Shot 2013 07 31 at 3.15.27 PM The disturbingly unfair retail secret that we didnt know about until today.




By Mamamia Team

Way to go Best & Less. Way. To. Go.

The retail chain have introduced a positive equal pricing policy for plus-size women making the same styles of clothing across all sizes, eight to 26.

The new structure is already in place with their latest summer collection, which went on sale yesterday.

It addresses the frustration felt by many women and one that is evident on the company’s Facebook page.

One woman, Em Mastronardi, contacted the company when her friend Katie experienced plus-size discrimination at a regional store.

“I am disgusted at the obvious lengths of discrimination against plus size women in your store,” Mastronardi wrote. “How dare you expect women who are either plus sized, or just prefer bigger pajamas, to pay 25 per cent more for a product.”

“Women come in all shapes and sizes, and are beautiful just the way they are. No one has the right to say one size is ‘norm’ and another is not.”

Head of Best & Less merchandising Sarena Campbell told News Ltd the reason why many brands charge more for plus-size clothing is the increase in fabric wastage needed to make larger sizes.

“It depends on the garment but if you look at a size 12 compared with a size 24 you would use around 25 per cent to as much as 30 per cent more fabric,” she said.

“Your wastage of fabric is greater the higher size you go for more complicated items such as dresses and can be as much as 40 per cent.”

 Have you ever experienced discrimination when buying clothes?

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