Today is the annual GDay USA Back Tie gala in Los Angeles, and guess who major partner Qantas has sent to the fancy schmancy party? Our very own Rosie Waterland.

Gday USA is a program that aims to showcase everything that’s great about Australia in the United States –  and the gala is the crowning jewel of the program. The very best Australian food and wine is served to a room full of influential Australians doing great things in the US (so lots and lots of celebs!).

Rosie will be hobnobbing with the stars and taking pics from the red carpet throughout the night – so keep checking the gallery here for all the gorgeous fashion and star-filled moments she can get (which, considering this is Rosie we’re talking about, will probably include lots of fun celeb selfies).

GDay USA's 2014 honourees: Geoffry Rush, Jacki Weaver and Curtis Stone. Photo: John Sciulli

She’ll also be live-tweeting and Instagramming the gala  – so keep track at @mamamiaaus on Instagram and @Mamamia on Twitter.

And just to get you excited for Rosie’s fancy LA party wrap-ups, here’s a bunch of celeb selfies she managed to get at the Qantas Spirit of Australia party last night. Girl delivers.



Stay tuned for Rosie’s total rundown of what it’s like to hang with the stars in LA!

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