Regardless of what your relationship status is, these beautiful white (and some other rather surprising shades of pink, beige and blue) dresses from Bridal Fashion Week are just so clickable.

Last week New York City played host to Bridal Fashion Week – a new initiative where the fashion industry’s top bridal designers show what’s on offer for anyone getting married in 2013. Just imagine an audience of brides and bridal stylists (yes there is such a thing because some people have enough money to pay people to look for the ‘best’ dress…..imagine it!).

These dresses are pretty much the most beautiful thing since Magic Mike combined Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum on the one cinema screen. :

Reem Acra at New York Bridal Fashion Week

If a traditional, to-the-floor gown doesn’t tickle your fancy, fear not, ultra-short, flapper-inspired dresses were a big theme on the catwalk. Other talking points from the shows include Vera Wang’s return to an entirely white range (the label has been breaking the mold with coloured dresses for a couple of seasons now which has been a seriously hard sell because hey, brides) and, for better or for worse, many designers replacing airy veils with HUGE headpieces.

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