plus size models Plus size women make fashion history at New York Fashion Week.






Cabiria has become the first plus-size fashion line to ever appear on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

The high-end label by costume designer and fashion stylist Eden Miller debuted on Friday.

“It is such a huge milestone for legitimizing plus fashion, and incredibly exciting for me personally,” said Miller.

“We waited and waited. We have been little baby steps along the way, but this solidifies our place in the fashion industry, as fashionable, sexy and wonderful women.”

Miller funded the label through Kickstarter less than 12 months ago receiving over US$12,000 to create the brand.

“Cabiria was born out of a desire to bring whimsy, sensuality and luxury to the plus size world,” says Miller.

Emme one of America’s first plus-size models in the 1990s told CNN: “Eden’s style happening at New York Fashion Week under the tents is record breaking and history making for women above a size 12.”

Plus size model in silky long sleeved dress

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