Remember when the length of your skirt meant, well, nothing more than the length of your skirt?

Yeah. Neither do I.

In fact, I bet there were countless neanderthal women who sat anxiously in their caves, sewing together the skin of a slightly-smaller-than-average tiger and worrying that they’d get hit over the head with a club for showing some prehistoric knee.

Screen shot 2013 01 15 at 3.15.05 PM JAMILA: The handy way to tell if your skirt makes you a whore or a matron

Image created by Rosea Posey.


This image was created by high school student Rosea Posey, to illustrate the absurdity of so called ‘slut shaming’. In her fantastic art piece, she shows us how the world continues to judge women based on their appearance.

But personally? I found the image very confusing. And that is because I do not know, which one of these I am supposed to be. I am the owner of skirt or a dress that hits almost every one of those little marks.

Take a look:



Now, perhaps, I am simply a very, very, very, very good shopper.

Or, perhaps, the length of your skirt means nothing more than ‘this is what I felt like wearing today’ (and anyone who thinks that what a woman wears is an invitation to make a judgment about her personal life, is just a bit of a tosser).

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