As if you needed another reason to shop end of season sales, we’ve worked out five unexpected ways to wear ankle boots in summer. Because it turns out impulse buying is contagious. In fact, my most recent impulse buy infected six members of the Mamamia team,  my sister AND my house mate. Sorry guys.

boots 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

The photo evidence. One office, 7 women with matching shoes.

You’d think being 30 degrees outside, and the fact I’m a fashion editor and all, that my impulse buy would be something traditionally summer fashion related… swimwear, sandals… shorts perhaps?

Not quite. My first purchase for summer was a pair of $10 ankle boots from Rubi Shoes.

You see, they were ‘winter’ stock and HEAVILY on sale. And, I like them that much, in my twisted shopping logic, the fact they were $10, instead of $49.95, meant I could justify buying 2 pairs. Which means I saved almost $80, right?

Soon after sharing this find at work, Mamamia HQ was decked out in my bargain boots. Six pairs arrived in the post within a week.

So now it’s warm. Very warm. And we have a whole lot of new boots… Time to get creative. Surprisingly, not as hard as it sounds. So whether you’re looking for an excuse to buy all the awesome ankle boots that are on sale right now, or you want some fun outfit ideas for summer, this is how we’ve been styling them:


jamila dress 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

1. Dress down a fancy dress: 

MM Managing Editor, Jamila was onto something with this outfit. There’s something about nude-coloured ankle boots that can make a typically night-time-ish dress okay for day. Or the office perhaps. If you want the look, try these.









2. Anchor a boho maxi skirt or kaftan:

If it were up to me, I’d wear a kaftan every. Single. Day. Unfortunately, they’re don’t usually get a look in more than 100 metres from a beach or pool. Especially when worn with sandals. Enter the ankle boot. A tan or taupe pair are great for grounding boho dresses or  fringed skirts, especially if it’s a ‘I don’t feel like showing off my legs today’ kind of day. This is how Mamamia Publisher, Mia Freedman, wears hers:

7c8fe11e38e111e29c2922000a1cfdfe 72 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Mia Freedman

dd4b5142391c11e284b222000a1fbcf6 7 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Mia Freedman’s ankle boots. Get the look here.



















ankle boots rallph 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.3. Try cowboy boots.

Go on, try it. Before you start envisaging a Daisy Duke style scenario, this outfit idea has NOTHING to do with Jessica Simpson in short shorts and everything to do with a relaxed, bohemian summer look. If you want to avoid a Daisy Duke-inspired look, try wearing your cowboy boots with a loose sundress in pale colours (lemon yellow, cream, dusty pink… you get the idea). And step awaaaaaay from the denim cut-offs.

Daisy Duke cowboy boots 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duk

shopstyle1 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Try cowboy boots. Buy here










4. Wear with a shirt dress.

Just when you thought the shirt dress couldn’t tick any more boxes (comfortable, you don’t have to worry about ‘styling’ it with anything else, flattering, on-trend… the list goes on), we’ve gone ahead and added ankle boots into the mix and bam. Weekend wardrobe sorted. Plus, if you pick a plan colour, it means you can have a little more fun with your boots Didn’t know footwear could be SO sparkly, studded and spotted? Neither did I. Check these out:

fc29028af6e111e1ac9b22000a1e8bba 7 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

MM Writer, Lucy, wears her ankle boots with a shirt dress.

spots 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

SurfStitch Boots. Buy here

sequin 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

SurfStitch boots. Buy here














5. With florals. Flat booties make a girly dress look.. less girly. In a very good way. Try buckles, studs, zip detailing or worn leather to toughen up the look a little bit more. Not as scary as it sounds, take a look:













black 11 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Shakuhachi boots. Buy it here

brown1 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Rider boots. Buy it here









shopbop1 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

Steven boots. Buy it here

shopbop2 5 ways to wear ankle boots in summer.

H by Hudson boots. Buy it here.











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