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Sometimes, I just want to punch myself in the face. Do you know that feeling? When you’re bitching inside your head about something – some travesty, some gross injustice or inconvenience – and then you kind of overhear yourself and realise that you’re on crack.

Like the time I was driving to work and was grumbling – possibly out loud to my children (the voice sometimes escapes from my head) – that the steering wheel was freezing. So cold. Like, freeeeeezing.

And almost immediately, as the words came out of my mouth, I tried to stuff them back in because I realised what an almightly privileged complaint a cold steering wheel was. I was driving to work. In a car. To a job. That I loved.

First World Problem. Major.

In fact a cold steering wheel may just be a First Class Problem.

Then this week, I was grumbling to myself because my parents have been away and are too jet lagged and busy with work to help out with my kids this week.

FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. I have parents. They”re happy and healthy and have been on holidays. My children are happy and healthy and I NEED TO GET OVER MYSELF AND REMEMBER THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO WALK 50km FOR WATER EVERY DAY SO THEY CAN BOIL SOME DIRT TO EAT.

Shame on me.

And yet I find the actual act of speaking your first world problem aloud – or even consciously identifying it as a FWP, is a wonderful thing for perspective, for gratitude, for a reality check.

Like pressing the reset button.

First World Problems

OK – your turn. What’s your First World Problem (FWP)?

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