She’s been mocked for years for being un-feminine. Clinical. Cold. But Julie Bishop made Australia proud on the weekend.

Yes, the Foreign Minister is making me feel better about living in a world dealing some terrifyingly tragic situations.

When she talks. I listen. I watch. And for two reasons:

Julie Bishop at the UN  380x251 This is how Julie Bishop gets shit done.

Julie Bishop speaking at the UN overnight. 

1. She speaks. Seriously. She has the best don’t-you-even-think-about-messing-with-me tone in Australian politics.

2. The glare. The pursed lips. Enough said.

Speaking at the UN overnight, she told the world’s most important leaders exactly what most of us are thinking.

She said that the bodies of the victims from flight MH17 should be treated “with dignity’’ and that not providing access to the crash site is “despicable”.

Despicable. It truly is.

“All parties are required to fully cooperate with these efforts…. Russia must use its influence over the separatists to ensure this.”

Finally. A person – our person – said it. And meant it. And said it to the people who count.

Bishop continued:

“It is an unambiguous response from the international community to an utterly deplorable act — the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 killing all 298 passengers and crew onboard, including 80 children. Grief is now accompanied by outrage …”

And in a major breakthrough for Australia and our peace-keeping talks, Bishop even got the support of Russia.

It’s come at a time when the landscape is looking rather bleak when it comes to Australian female politicians.

I miss seeing women doing big things in big places. Most of the roles once filled by inspiring female leaders are mostly represented by men – the GG, Prime Minister and State Premiers around the country.

Julie Bishop and GG This is how Julie Bishop gets shit done.

Julie Bishop and the former GG Quentin Bryce

So, I applaud Julie Bishop first and foremost for her work.

But I’ll give her a standing ovation for inspiring young women around the country and for providing us with a kickass female role model in Australia. And now the world.

Go, Julie Bishop, go.

What do you think of Julie Bishop? Have you also noticed the change in the number of female Australian leaders we’re seeing? Which female leaders do you like the most? 

Speaking of women we admire… Take a look at some of our favourites in this gallery: 

Former Prime Minister of Australia- Jullia Gillard

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