What do you get when you cross drive-thru with sinners? Author and Mamamia contributor Bec Sparrow writes:

Bob McGuire 300x225 Drive thru Confessional. Yes you read that correctly.


“In what is SURELY to be one of the finest of today’s April Fools Day cons, the mischievous South Melbourne Priest, Father Bob McGuire, has announced the launch of his  “Drive-thru Confessional”.  That’s right — a confessional for the guilty on-the-go.

Terry Brown at the Herald-Sun


Sinful drivers can repent on the run with the opening today of Australia’s first drive-through confessional.

The pray-as-you-go service is to become slicker, with a sin-selection board to be installed by Easter and a smartphone app on the way, the Herald Sun reported.

South Melbourne Catholic priest Fr Bob McGuire said yesterday that the move brought the church up to speed with modern life.

The 60-second car wash for the soul includes a symbolically refreshing spray of rose water.

A flashing green light will signal when a driver’s sins have been forgiven. “When you’re driving out you’ll be clean as a whistle,” Fr McGuire said.

From 6.30am, sinners will repent at a mobile unit dubbed the Hopemobile in the St Peter and Paul’s church driveway, confessing, for instance, to three No.7s and a No.4.

While I suspect the larrikin Father Bob is having a laugh, we all have something to confess. And there’s something therapeutic about confessing to our sins. I own a Justin Bieber CD.  I ate the last Tim Tam and blamed it on your mother.  I kissed someone at my work Christmas party last year. I kissed someone at YOUR partner’s work Christmas party last year.

So think of today’s post as an online confessional.   Here’s your chance to anonymously spill the beans. Sing like a canary.  Blab.”

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