happy sad faces Best and worst of the week


Welcome to the end of another week, a chance to raise our glasses and celebrate our triumphs and seek comfort in our friends as we take stock of our losses.

Welcome, if it is your first time here and remember – this is your space.  You can be light, you can be heavy, you can be funny or you can be serious.  A problem shared is a problem halved so lets go….

BEST: School holidays. A break from the routine is so lovely. So it not having to be so strict about bedtimes. And the vast vast majority of comments on this post

WORST: I’ve found some of the attitudes that have been stirred up by the refugee debate really hard to listen to. Ditto the cheap political sloganeering. This should be a humanitarian issue not a political one

To everyone doing it tough this week, sending strength and support.  I encourage you to join in, not just with your experiences but with comments and support for each other.  It really does make a difference when we listen to others or even know that others are listening to us….



  • More  Zoe Foster talking career, beauty tips, love and writing….
  • And don’t forget – we’re reading Indelible Ink by Fiona McGregor for bookclub

UPDATE – Winners of the Kmart $100 gift vouchers are Shusannah, Danya and Young Vintage – well done ladies.

mamamiafb2 Best and worst of the week


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