So, how’s your week been?


This is the part where we share which facets of our week were good, bad or ordinary. If you haven’t played before, it’s a pretty simple game:

For example, if Barack Obama were to comment on Best and Worst (he hasn’t yet but surely it’s only a matter of time), he’d post something like:

Best: Being inaugurated. Again !!!

Worst: Those rifle association clowns just don’t know when to grow up and get another hobby.

‘Thanks Barack,’ I’d reply, ‘Good to have you at MM!’

See, it’s easy and fun. Here are my best and worsts for this week …

Best: Gearing up for the kids going back to school next week. I’m looking forward to kissing my three goodbye on Wednesday. I checked, it is Wednesday  – my mother once dropped my 10 year old brother at school a week before school started – oops. It’s been a great break and the kids are so relaxed they’re almost liquified, but even they’re getting excited. Not so much about the schoolwork, but being busy again.

Me too. I work from home and apart from the week I was in the wilds of New Zealand and away from iDevices of any kind, I’ve been working in a sporadic, unmotivated way. But I can feel my mojo coming back. I’m eating better and I’ve cut out weekday wines. My friend Annie’s mother always says ‘From Melbourne Cup to Australia Day, Australia is in go-slow mode’. I think she’s right – I’m ready to speed up again.

Worst: Realising the kids going back to school next week. It’s been great, not having to do the morning countdown. Sometimes it’s like the Masterchef kitchen at our place, but instead of Matt Preston banging on about plating, it’s me yelling, ‘You’ve got ten minutes to get those shoes on, bags packed and hair tied up! What ARE you doing?’ We went away a couple of times over the holidays, but the last few weeks have been at home. We told the kids, ‘You’ve had a great time, but now there are no more outings.No movies, theme parks, roller-skating, ice-skating or art classes. The money taps are off.’

I countered that by saying their friends are always welcome to come over, and as long as I don’t have to do more than fling them a Vegemite sandwich, they can stay all day. That meant most days there were six kids at our place, but really and truly, it was fine. Noisy, but fine. I’d much rather listen to a barney about ever-changing rules of ‘hallway cricket’ than the hypnotic goo goo pling pling of computer games.

What’s happening in your world? What’s made you smile, grimace or wonder what the hell is going on (code for this is OMM – On My Mind) …

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