Jess Rudd Baby1 380x283 Look who had a baby...

Jess Rudd, husband Albert Tse and daughter Josephine

It’s a girl!

Mamamia favourite and author Jessica Rudd gave birth yesterday to a beautiful daughter, Josephine Thérèse Tse. Jess said she arrived on her due date – “clever girl” – while dad, MP Kevin Rudd tweeted: “Well folks I’m totally stoked. Jess has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Josephine Therese. 6.3 lbs. All well. KRudd.” Mum Therese said she was filled with ‘toe-curling joy’ and that words were ‘inadequate’ to describe her granddaughter.

Jessica Rudd had previously written for Mamamia about the transformation of her body during the pregnancy:

“Man, I love being pregnant. It’s the first time in my womanhood during which I’ve been so proud of my body I can’t help but boast about it. I mean, guys, it’s growing a human.

Inside me right now is a perfectly formed little person with eyebrows and fingernails. Can you believe it? I often can’t, but then there’s that little nudge in the internal organs or the somersaults in the ultrasound to remind me.

Screen shot 2012 06 01 at 12.48.40 PM Look who had a baby...This is miraculous. Why didn’t anybody tell me how miraculous it is? To be fair, Mum did, but she should have shaken me and yelled ‘THIS IS BLOODY MIRACULOUS!’

What’s more amazing? My body just knew how to do it. It didn’t bitch and moan about it. It didn’t call Roadside Assist. It didn’t swear at the instruction manual and snap an Allen key. No. My body, this body, the one my Mum grew for me twenty-eight years ago, just knew what to do. It is a certifiable genius.”

Our warmest congratulations.

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