Pole position must be a hard spot to take if you’ve only got one limb.

Australian dancer Deborah Roach took out the disabled category of the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong over the weekend, flinging herself artfully around a pole with just one arm.

Most people have enough trouble even with two.

“Yeah look, I actually got into an underground Goth scene in my teenage years because I didn’t fit into normal society. And I loved dancing the night away on the dance floor, and that led to stage dancing in clubs,” said Roach.

Roach is, by all accounts, quite a remarkable achiever. She quit her job in IT when she realised she had the goods (she beat able-bodied contestants in a competition in 2009), became a personal trainer and then received her first prosthesis and learned to ride a bike at the age of 28.

She wants to represent Australia at the Paralympics, too, which should surprise absolutely no one after having read all that.

What have you done lately that others thought you couldn’t?

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