global backyard 380x389 Global Backyard Refugee Network Inc.Global Backyard Refugee Network (GB) is a Sydney based not for profit organisation that has been set up to support the professional, academic and artistic development of refugees settling in NSW.

No other service such as this exists. Global Backyard emerged from the fact that many former refugees find a lack of Australian workplace experience and knowledge is a barrier to getting opportunities and making progress and with that, the chance to build fulfilling lives in their new home country.

Global Backyard  thrives as a community of many culturally and linguistically diverse Australians – new and longer term. Global Backyard’s success relies on the input, energy and enthusiasm of the many volunteers who have joined to add their strengths to the mix. Global Backyard recruits volunteers of all ages, interests and expertise who are matched up in one to one partnerships with a participant from a refugee background in a mentoring partnership. Within a short time, incredible results start emerging and for many, the change in their lives is transformational. Greater confidence and understanding for the participant and often times, blossoming friendships between two people who would not have met were it not for Global Backyard bringing them together.

Global Backyard partners up with potential employers who demonstrate the value of a diverse workforce. The Global Backyard community also includes women who have never had the opportunity to go to school in their countries of birth. Without literacy and numeracy, it is difficult for them to move forward. Global Backyard provides English language tuition as well as support with the set up of micro business and enterprise and art projects so that everyone and from all walks of life has the chance to reconnect with their dreams and hopes.

GB Calendar Global Backyard Refugee Network Inc.Global Backyard’s mission and vision includes storytelling campaigns to open the hearts and mind of Australians wider about the refugee experience and to remain untainted by politics and policies.

Global Backyard aims to run as an independent, self sustainable organisation to be funded by sales of its own social enterprise – an annual calendar.

The 2012 Global Backyard calendar is a collection of beautiful images   and stories of the remarkable people who have come from around the   world and are now proud to call Australia home. The calendar is also designed with tear-out postcards, so that these stories and images can be passed along as an ongoing story telling campaign. The calendar will raise money to run Global Backyard’s mentoring, education, media and art, as well as social enterprise projects for women without literacy.

The 2012 Global Backyard Calendar is printed on recycled chain of custody paper.

To check it out click here

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