Gay Marriage 290x385 7 Dumb Reasons Why Same Sex Marriage should be illegal




Today the results of a committee inquiry into same-sex marriage are being tabled in the Federal Parliament. A record 276,000 submissions were received. That number is quite simply, unheard of for an inquiry of this kind.

Around two thirds of the submissions were supportive of same-sex marriage. But there was by no means a clear consensus. There continue to be strong views on both sides of the aisle. Here is one of them by ANDREW CLIFTON.


Same-sex marriage should never be legalised BECAUSE:

1. You cannot change the definition of a word, that’s why no word has ever been redefined in all of history;

2. Marriage is a sacred holy ritual, that’s why every single marriage happens in a religious institution and there isn’t a growing majority of religious-free civil ceremonies;

3. Homosexuality is a perverse human desire, that’s why you can’t see it naturally occurring in any other species;

4. The sole purpose of marriage is for reproduction, that’s why postmenopausal women and men who have had vasectomies are also legally prevented from marrying;

5. Children will suffer not being raised by their biological parents, that’s why all adoption is illegal and there are no happy people who weren’t raised by those who conceived them;

6. It’s the law and no laws are ever amended, that’s why no-fault divorce doesn’t exist;­­­

7. The Bible tells us so, that’s why I know menstruating women are unclean, I can own a slave and kill my mum if I see her working on a Sunday.

Andrew Clifton is 24 years old and has always had a passion for writing. He believes the power of the written word is limitless.

Where do you stand? Should same-sex marriage be illegal? And what do you think is likely to be the outcome of a vote in the Parliament? Will our politicians vote for change?

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