australia wedding 19 380x251 How many wedding guests is too many?

Do you think the bride and groom could name all of these guests?



Even royal family members feel overwhelmed by wedding guest lists and the pressure to invite certain people.

In an interview with the BBC, Prince William said when he first saw the guest list for his April 2011 wedding, he knew none of the 777 people on the list.

According to

Prince William  177x236 How many wedding guests is too many?

Prince William (in the suit his Granny told him to wear) and Kate Middleton

Prince William has revealed his horror at plans by palace officials to turn his wedding to Kate Middleton last April into a gala event for people the couple had never met.

But then his grandmother, the Queen, stepped in and told him to scrap the guest list and invite his friends.

“I walked into the first meeting and literally got presented with a list with 777 names. I looked at it and there wasn’t one person on there I knew,” William said.

“It brought a sense of dread and fear over what was going to happen … I sort of said: ‘This is not the way it’s going to be. Let’s start again.’

“I rang my grandmother for some clarification and duly got told that it was ridiculous and that I should start with my own friends.”

Um, go grandma. While many brides and grooms to be are disagreeing with their elders advice, the royals are lapping it up.

The documentary also revealed there was disagreement among the royal family about what the prince would wear on his big day.

“Within the Irish Guards Regiment there’s several variances of dress you can wear and I was opting for a different type of dress to the one I wore on the day,” Prince William said.

“My grandmother very much decided that the red tunic was very smart and the appropriate one to wear for the day. So I was duly told on that occasion, so I did as I was told.”

Grandma saves the day again!! What a woman.

I wonder how many of these guests were on the original list and how many were added by the Prince himself…

The Kiss

Have you ever experienced wedding guest angst as a bride, groom or guest of a wedding?

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