If someone you’re not mad keen on asks you out, how do you let them down gently?

Abby writes….

phone Dating with an open mindI met a guy in a bar on the weekend. We chatted a little and he was very nice, but I didn’t find him attractive. When i had to leave he asked for my number. This may sound silly, but I still haven’t found the nicest way (or, um, the guts) to say straight up – no, thankyou, I’m not interested. So I gave him my number.

He contacted me two days later to ask to meet up for a drink. Now as I said before I’m not attracted to him, but I know that attraction doesn’t always happen straight away. So I’m thinking should I go along and see what happens? – don’t cut the guy off completely just because I wasn’t interested after 10 minutes of chatting. We might get along well. Or, on the other hand, am I being misleading if I go for a drink knowing full well I am not attracted to him? Should I just have said no to giving him my number in the first place?

I am not new to dating, and have come across similar situations in the past, but I would love to have some fresh opinions…..

If you’re single (or remember being single) did you have ways to let people down gently if you Just Weren’t That Into Them?

Or should you keep an open mind because sometimes chemistry (and even love) grows from a luke-warm start (does it? can it?).

Over to you….


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