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So the other morning I was watching Richard Wilkins do a little potted history of Madonna’s thirty-year career to mark the launch of her new album MDMA.

And I fell in love all over again.

Like dust being wiped from a glass, every song brought back a memory. A time, a place, a friendship.

Lucky Star was shopping for stone-washed Dachet jeans. Corfu were cheaper but not quite the business.

Like A Virgin was schoolies week. Draped in lace Madonna rode her gondola straight to number one on the Countdown charts. Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners was number 2. My friends and I were on the Gold Coast, wearing rosary beads with baggy overalls. I know, we were both kinds of hot.

Borderline My friend Cath and I drove from Brisbane to Sydney and back. We sang this as we crossed the border. Doesn’t everyone?

Material Girl made us re-think the stone wash jeans. Bugger. Suddenly it was all Marilyn glamour. I upped my hours at the Night Owl Convenience store in an effort to keep up.

Like A Prayer I was living in London and saw Madonna at the height of her powers at Wembley Stadium. I was raised a Catholic and admit the burning crosses on the altar made me nervous about enjoying the show too much.

Vogue I really, really wanted to be one of those girls who could look good in a tuxedo. Madonna could. Diana did. I looked like a waiter.

Ray Of Light was released in 1998. I was working long, late nights at a New Zealand ad agency. It was snowing outside. I pressed ‘repeat’ over and over on the CD player. Doesn’t that seem primitive now?

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What Madonna track resonates with a certain period in your life? Or which is just your fave?

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