Photographer Nir Arieli has set out to capture the feminine side of masculinity.

In his work, he places male models in very typically feminine positions, with dreamy girly backdrops. They are the kind of photos you might expect to see in a women’s high fashion magazine.

The photographs are unusual – but also beautiful, sensual and striking.

Take a look and tell us what you think.


Arieli told The Huffington Post, “In my work I try to expose a component of masculinity that was once oppressed by common social codes … Gentleness, uncensored emotion, vulnerability –- all of these became, under the influence of the social evolution, unnatural characteristics when manifested by men.”

At Mamamia we talk a lot about how women are represented in the media and advertising – because we think it’s an important issue. Women in advertising are either maternal housewives, concerned with removing stains from their children’s clothes; or sultry seductresses, eating chocolate ice-creams advertising handbags. Because that makes sense.

But the way men are portrayed in the media is often just as limiting. Men in advertising are blokey blokes. Macho men. They play footy, and watch footy, think about footy frequently, and drink beer.

Women in the public eye increasingly display what were traditionally considered masculine characteristics – think of a politician’s sharp-shouldered blazers – as an assertion of power.

But men rarely show off their feminine side.

Nir Arieli’s first solo show, Inframen, will be going up at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in Chelsea, NYC. You can see more of Arieli’s work here.

What do you think of Arieli’s photographs? Do you think men feel a pressure to always portray themselves as macho, tough guys?

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