Tis the season to go into debt. Just kidding! It’s time to buy lovely gifts for lovely people that you love. And then go into debt. We’re going to try to make this a little easier for you. In the next week we’re going to run a variety of gift guides – for beauty products, men, kids and homewares.

Today though, we’re going to start with gifts you can buy that really do keep on giving because the proceeds of the sale goes to charity.

We’ve gone through nine worthy charities and chosen five awesome gifts from each to bring you a guide with an appropriate gift for everyone you know.

Cattle manure $15 http://www.oxfamunwrapped.com.au/gift-103-cattle-manure

Today’s gifts have come from:

Oxfam Unwrapped

Opportunity International



Red Cross

Oxfam Fair Trade

Wesley Mission

World Vision Australia

WaterAid Australia

Do you have someone difficult in your life to buy for this year and need some advice? Leave a comment below with your dilemma and please leave suggestions for other commenters. Go.

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