KylieJason Jason Donovan talks about the first time with Kylie.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan





At a Travelodge.

That was the romantic setting where Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan “cemented” their relationship. Forty-three year old Donovan revealed the detail in a tell-all interview with British television presenter Piers Morgan recently.

“At the time it was great. We cemented it in a Sydney Travelodge. Travelodges in those days were posh places.”

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue’s relationship started when they played alongside each other as characters in the Australian drama, Neighbours in the ’80s.

“She chased me and then I guess I gradually gave in. The next thing you know we were ­working and having this relationship,” he said.

He said she was ‘the love of his life,’ and that he was heartbroken when she left him for INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

He said she was his first love and there was “a lot of chemistry between us” but he knew it would come to an end as she started to become more successful than him.

He said: “I could see her slipping away. We argued a lot about her wanting to go off and do other things.”

And he revealed that he was with her when she met Michael Hutchence for the first time.

Jason said that’s “where the relationship began” and he was then dumped by her in a phonecall in 1989 while she was in Japan and he was in New York.

He said: “I later found out from my manager that they had met up in Hong Kong and I did not take it easily.

“For a male it’s a difficult thing to deal with to be dropped by a woman, but not only a woman but someone of her status. I took it hard.

“But you move on. I never went to an INXS concert after that.”

Donovan since married his wife Angela in 1998 and they have three children – Jemma, 12, Zach, 11, and Molly, 1. He now says she is the “love of his life.”

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