Update: Yes, Britney is in hospital again. Hopefully this is a good thing and she can get some help far from professionals. Sadly, it seems like there is practically a custody war going on between her parents and that odd Sam Lufti whose role in her life in unclear. Interestingly, reports say that doctors are ignoring her parents and consulting with Lufti about Britney’s condition.
Meanwhile on Planet Magazine, life goes on. Here is La Britney on the cover of US mag Blender. Except it’s not really her. It’s her face photoshopped into someone else’s hair on someone else’s body. Apparently, this faceless model was paid $500 for the privelege of being Britney’s spare parts. 

2blender fresh How many naked women did it take to make this magazine cover?

The best part is that the mag actually admits this – a small note
inside the mag describes the cover as a ‘composite photo’ – unlike the
ads for Britney’s fragrance and album covers where it is CLEARLY not
The Real Thing. Makes her song “You Want A Piece Of Me” take on a whole new meaning….

This actually happens in mags a whole lot more than you would ever believe. Sometimes it’s just an amalgamation of two different shots of the same person. Other times it’s a body parts job. And don’t get me started on the re-touching. I believe there should be a disclaimer on re-touched photos. Just so we’re all reminded that this is an illustration, a fantasy…..not anything resembling reality and certainly nothing to compare yourself to.

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