1. Tell us: Would you wear it? It’s Elle Fanning (aka Dakota Fanning’s little sis) wearing something that resembles a Japanese wooden Geisha shoe (but actually made by Prada and probably of plastic) at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere. Is it the ugliest shoe of all time? Are the Prada puppet masters simply giggling at the world from way-on-high and whispering to each other “Do you reakon the suckers will actually buy this?” and rolling around laughing on their expensive couture carpets? Quite possibly…

Gwenyth Paltrow's sheer-side number from the back

Click through the gallery to see what Kristen Stewart wore to the premiere. Go Fug Yourself commented:”This might be the worst jumpsuit the world has ever seen and if you don’t think Kristen Stewart just landed herself a very high seed for Fug Madness, you are unclear on the inner-workings of the fabric of our very universe.”

2. ‘I change all the nappies, she never does’. Which husband said this about his famous wife?

3. In a relationship on Facebook? Bet you don’t realise you have your own ‘couples’ page. Every modern relationships has its Facebook milestones. There’s the confirmed friendship, the first first wall post (or maybe a sneaky poke) and finally, the big one – the relationship status change.

Now Facebook has created joint couples’ profiles to remind couples that they’re in a relationship. And it’s automatic. You don’t request it. It is simply CREATED FOR YOU. You know, just in case you forget who you’re dating or married to.

The pages document all these magical online experiences in one handy location. Each page displays all status updates in which one party mentions the other, a gallery of photos in which the couple has been jointly tagged, a list of mutual friends and a collection of things they jointly ‘like’.

Well played, Facebook – it’s helpful, romantic and NOT AT ALL creepy.

fb couple page Fluff: The ugliest shoes in the history of ugly shoes.

Facebook couple page

4. This is what 50 looks like in Hollywood? Really?

5. S**t Mates Don’t Say. Take a look at this brilliant video made by the Cancer Council. It’s a play on the S**t Girls Say videos that went viral last year and it aims to get men talking talking about their health, which is something they don’t do often.

6. What’s in Mia Freedman’s handbag?

1 Fluff: The ugliest shoes in the history of ugly shoes.

Click here to shop Mia’s handbag essentials.

7. Again? Madonna strips off at her latest concert. Sigh.

8. And finally, Which Aussie star is Zac Efron in love with?

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