1. Would you wear it? This escaped monkey (named Darwin) surprised shoppers when he turned up at an IKEA store in Toronto, Canada this week. We assume he was attempting to get his paws on some of those awesome Expedit bookshelves. And while a shopping monkey is exciting in and of itself, it was Darwin’s choice of outfit that caught our eye.

Check out his super-chic coat, our Fashion Editor Jasmine Garnsworthy calls it “a ready-to-wear petite-style anorak that’s bang on trend, perfect for the Canadian winter.”

Gwenyth Paltrow's sheer-side number from the back

You may be wondering how Darwin managed to get to IKEA in the first place. Apparently, he was brought to the store by his owner and then left in the car. Darwin soon figured out how to escape, and made his way to the store’s customer pick-up area.


2. Rihanna seems to be sick and tired of posing topless, so she’s posing without her pants this time… [click here to see more]


3. Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe rock out in a public karaoke battle (sadly it wasn’t to ‘Total Eclipse of the HEart’) and instantly get ten times cooler. The pair, who star in Les Miserables together, belted “The Confrontation’ (a song from the movie) in a pub in New York on Saturday night. And, praise be to the iPhone, the spontaneous shindig was caught on video:


4. Are you guilty of photographing every meal you eat? There’s something you should know… [click here to see more]


5. We’re calling it, move over Lindsay Lohan, you’ve tried and failed too many times – THIS has got to be the best mugshot of all time. 46-year-old actor Stephen Baldwin was arrested after failing to file tax returns in 2008, 2009 and 2010. According to TMZ, he owes the state of New York more than $350,000. Baldwin’s police mugshot is now going viral fast and you can see why, he’s done a GREAT blue steel look. Derek Zoolander, anyone?

Beth Ditto


6. Let’s blow up the pregnant woman! These creative time lapse photos are SO clever…  [click here to see]


7. Remember Little Miss Sunshine a.k.a. Abigail Breslin? The child star is now 16 and very much grown up. She’s currently filming a new movie, Final Girl, and has insisted on doing all her own stunts (don’t try this at home, kids).

Apparently, during a scene which sees Abigail punching her way to safety through a pack of teenage boys, Abigail (accidentally) punched a stunt man so hard in the face that he had to receive medical attention. Hardcore.


little miss sunshine Fluff: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and a karaoke battle.

Little Miss Sunshine – all grown up


8. Are you a child of the 80’ or 90’s? Check out your Xmas wish list…  [click here to see more]


9. Just a couple of  questions – what is Kate Winslet wearing on her head? And why is Liv Tyler picking someone’s nose?  Hello Hollywood… [click here to see more]

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