1. Wonderful news: you can now enter a talent show such as Australian Idol, secure in the knowledge that a rude judge won’t have a go at your ‘tuckshop lady’ arms (are you listening Dicko?). Introducing:  Arm Spanx.

That’s right, your arms can now join the Spanx party and rock out with your belly, your thighs and your hips. UK department store Marks & Spencer have come up with the “Flatter Me Armwear” range so that everyone can wave goodbye to their cover-up cardigans. Without anything, you know, wobbling. Sigh.

This from the Daily Mail:

Spanx 380x568 Fluff: Introducing Spanx. For your arms.

Arm spanx. Oh yes.

Available as a body or a crop top – and following on from the Flatter Me bra and knicker – Flatter Me Armwear is a long- or three-quarter-sleeved solution to strappy party dresses.

Worn beneath the outfit but over the bra, the light-control fabric promises to gently sculpt arms and ‘give a smooth and firm silhouette while the intricate lace adds a touch of glamour’.


2. First World Anarchy: these people just cannot resist breaking the rules – check out the pictures because they are hysterical …………..[click here]


3. It’s time to get your perve on and take a look inside Johnny Depp’s house. The place is worth a casual $17.5 million and  we can imagine that Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind would have been very much at home here… Edward Scissorhands not so much……

Johnny Depp's house

Thanks Hurricane Vanessa for that gallery.

Frankly, we’re more interested in looking at Sarah Jessica Parker’s kitchen which you can do (along with other celebrity homes) if you …….click here.


4. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world and you just know her new reality show is going to be the most talked-about of 2013….. [click here to find out who]


5. Would you wear it? Anne Hathaway turned up at the world premiere of Les Miserables wearing a Givenchy gown that PEOPLE magazine called “debatable”. We’re calling for volunteers to lead the teams for the Affirmative and the Negative. What do you think?

Gwenyth Paltrow's sheer-side number from the back


6. Are you thinking about getting Christmas photos done? Will they be as RIDICULOUS as these?……. [click to see] 


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